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At Media Bridge, we’re changing the game. To improve results and lower costs for our clients we’ve redefined how online media is purchased, deployed and monetized.  We specialize in the following service areas:

Advocate Acquisition
Donor Conversion
Advanced Modeling
Strategic Consulting

We (literally) Break Records with our Online Marketing

Offering complete, turn-key solutions to online marketing, we’ve produced unbeatable results for a vast array of clients. We serve the needs of of specialized industries that need massively scalable solutions and guaranteed results while staying on-time and on-budget.

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We’ve raised over $50 million for clients while helping them fulfill their missions and maintain donor confidence and affinity.

Issue Advocacy

Force the issue. Media Bridge has produced record breaking campaigns and can replicate that success for organizations and lobbyists.

Campaigns and Elections

Campaigns need to hit the ground running with verified turn-key solutions. We are campaign specialists who have a winning record that spans over 30 years.

The Media Bridge Way

Get unbelievable results with our amazingly simple process

  • Identify the Solution

    Bring us a goal, and we'll create a solution to exceed it.  We design marketing campaigns that will give you an unfair advantage.  You will blow past expectations without blowing your budget.
  • No Stress Creative Development

    Bring your own creative or we'll develop it for you.  Copy, design, web development, even video production -- we can do it all at the highest level and keep the stress off of your back.
  • Launch, Measure, Adjust, Report

    Once your campaign is deployed, we keep our hand on the wheel.  Online marketing offers instant results that can be analyzed, adjusted and re-deployed at a rapid pace to incrementally improve your campaign as it's running.  Once complete, we assess for Round 2  . . . or Round 10.
  • "If you take all the comments on all Treasury and IRS draft proposals over the last seven years and double that number, you come close to the number of comments we are now beginning to review and analyze."

    - IRS Commissioner John Koskinen after a campaign led by Media Bridge -
  • "It is now well known that the FCC’s Open Internet docket is the most commented upon rulemaking in the agency’s history, with more than 3.9 million submissions to date."

    - FCC Attorney Gigi Sohn after another campaign led by Media Bridge -
  • "I've worked with members of the Media Bridge team for years now, as part of both small and large organizations. They know how to get quick results and drive long-term value, and can understand how best to do that for your unique brand and audience."

    - Fred Hadra, Head of Business Development at MH Networks, LLC, and non-profit fundraising consultant. -

We’re proud of our work and proud of our clients:

Our Reach

Go big with your campaign then narrow down to your perfect prospect

99% of Online Users
50,000+ Publishers
2.9 Million Opt-In Emails
5000+ Video Sites


Media Bridge is proud to offer a revolutionary product with our CBV model. You only pay for people who actually watch AND UNDERSTAND your ad! See it in action below:

How to Take on the Government . . . and Win

During the Lame Duck days of the Obama Administration, Congress is sitting back to wait it out while President Obama and his crew are bombarding...

Breakthrough: Analyzing the Crumbs on a Cookie

At the request of a client, Media Bridge was challenged to break the 40% barrier of cookie matching to reach a distinct group of individuals....

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