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Media Bridge Client “Dominates” in the Battle for the Net

Posted December 16, 2014 by in Uncategorized

The Sunlight Foundation released its study on public support for Net Neutrality today and the verdict is in:

Our client, American Commitment not only won the battle, they “dominated” the issue.

American Commitment submitted nearly 800,000 comments to the Federal Communications Commission opposing the regulation of the Internet.

These comments accounted for 56.5% of all comments submitted.

The headline in the Sunlight Foundation’s study was, “One group dominates the second round of net neutrality comments.”

In the first round, 99% of comments were in favor of the new rules.

For the second round, Media Bridge Managing Partner Shane Cory, developed a marketing plan and position for American Commitment’s campaign that gave them the scalability to win the issue . . . no matter how big the opposition.

And the opposition was massive.

40,000 organizations, from Netflix to the ACLU, supported the proposed Net Neutrality rules.

Their campaign, labeled “Battle for the Net” was literally overwhelming.

But in the end, 40,000 organizations took on our client, and with our help, American Commitment won the battle.

40,000 vs 1

We’ll take those odds on for you.

If your organization wants to stop “showing” and start dominating the issues, pick up the phone and give Media Bridge a call.

We’re here for you.