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How to Take on the Government . . . and Win

Posted September 21, 2015 by in Latest News

During the Lame Duck days of the Obama Administration, Congress is sitting back to wait it out while President Obama and his crew are bombarding business with new regulations . . . regulations that need no Congressional approval.

These bureaucratic actions are costing American businesses billions of dollars now and well into the future.

While the “go to” solution for most businesses and industries is to send in the lobbyists, the reality is that like all other private organizations, lobbying firms are businesses that look out for their long-term revenue before posting a “W” for their clients.

Most companies are faced with the knowledge of pursing only two tracks: lobbying or lawsuits.

A third option exists that we consider the “Big Hammer.”

That’s overwhelming government agencies with so many voices from the public that they’ll be left with the burden of reading and responding to each individual who writes in to support or oppose any new rule proposed by the government.

Typically, the government allows a 30-day window for the public to comment on proposed rules.

Within that time frame, Media Bridge, can educated millions of Americans and drive at least 7.5 million people to take an action on behalf of a particular position.

After submission, government bureaucrats are faced with the daunting task of parsing through millions of original comments from the public then, when they’re finally done — which could take more than a year — they have to deliberate again on their proposed rule and the impact it has on the public.

A traditional campaign of that magnitude could come with a price tag of tens of millions of dollars in media buys, television and radio spots and online marketing.

With Media Bridge, you get what you pay for with our Cost-Per-Action pricing. That means what you only pay for results. Spend a million dollars with Media Bridge, and most likely, you’ll have a million people + advocating for your position.

When you’re ready to hit the “panic” button and your industry is about to be stifled by a government action, don’t sweat it.

Pick up the phone and give us a ring.   We’ve got your back and will post another “W” in your corner . . . with ease.