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The truth about subject lines

Posted November 24, 2014 by in Featured, Latest News

You want a high open rate, don’t you?

Are you willing to use odd, even abrasive subject lines to make sure your recipient opens your message?

Are you sure about that?

Well . . . you shouldn’t be.

While a high open rate can be easily gained, subject lines have the most significant impact on your final conversion point.

While you can see a lift in opens by approximately five percent with an odd ball or misleading subject line, you’re likely to see 30% to 70% drops offs in click-through-rates and landing page conversions.

No, it’s not worth it.

When writing a subject line, keep it simple and directly related to your call to action.

Want donors for a end-of-year fundraising drive: “The year is almost over, will we hear from you?”

Want customers to try an upgraded a product: “We’ve made some changes that you need to see for yourself.”

Boring? Possibly.

Effective? Yep.

The gotcha-hyped-ridiculous-meaningless subject lines are a thing of the past for the marketer who has really put in the time to test strategies and techniques.

But, this is nothing new.

In the end, writing subject lines is not much different than headline writing.

Go for the meaningful and leave the sensational to your competition.